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Key Takeaways from the 4th General Assembly

In March 2024, CIDETEC Energy Storage gathered all Consortium partners for the 4th RESPECT General Assembly in San Sebastian, Spain. The hybrid meeting aimed to update partners on the progress of ongoing activities within each Work Package.

The meeting started with a welcoming speech by CIDETEC's Deputy Director, Oscar Miguel Crespo, followed by remarks from the coordinator, Justo Garica, who expressed confidence in the Consortium's ability to meet all outlined objectives in battery recycling.

Antoine Driancourt, the technical coordinator, highlighted forthcoming significant progress reports and assured partners that any challenges, such as delays in material delivery, would be promptly addressed and discussed.

The 4th General Assembly was followed by the site visit of CIDETEC Energy Storage. The partners observed different technologies developed in CIDETEC, as well as solid electrolyte battery electrodes and cell samples prepared for the final meeting of the SAFELIMOVE project. The CIDETEC Energy Storage visit inspired the discussions about recyclability challenges for polymer solid-state cells.


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