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"Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle"

During the Cluster Hub Annual Meeting, partners of the EXCEED project proudly unveiled their collaborative documentary "Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle". This cinematic journey takes us through the complexities and triumphs of creating a self-contained supply chain for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe.

Hosted by the Director of the KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals, Peter Tom Jones, the documentary sheds light on the challenges and successes faced by the continent in establishing a comprehensive supply chain for electric vehicles. The narrative unfolds as a Nordic exploration, spanning from the iconic Aitik and Kiruna mines in Sweden to key sites in Southern Finland.

Peter Tom Jones immerses himself in a 1,400-meter underground descent, providing viewers with a firsthand experience of the mining processes involved in sourcing critical raw materials for EVs. Additionally, the documentary features connections with the indigenous Sami people in Sapmi, offering a unique perspective on the impact of these mining activities on local communities.

From responsible refining to battery manufacturing and electric vehicle assembly, the documentary covers the entire spectrum of the EV supply chain. Local perspectives from the Arctic town of Kiruna provide valuable insights into the lived experience of residing next to a mine, adding a human touch to the technical complexities involved.

The film serves as a cautionary tale, emphasising potential de-industrialisation consequences that may arise from Europe's ambitious decarbonisation strategy. As the continent strives towards a sustainable future, the documentary underscores the importance of careful planning and consideration of the social, economic, and environmental implications of such large-scale projects.

Engaging with Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission’s Executive Vice-President, the documentary delves into the significance of the EU's Critical Raw Materials Act for electric vehicles. This thought-provoking discussion provides unique insights and perspectives from Brussels, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the policy frameworks shaping the future of electric mobility in Europe.

In inviting viewers to watch the documentary, the partners of the Horizon Europe EXCEED project encourage everyone to join the conversation on Europe's journey towards a sustainable, self-contained electric vehicle supply chain. As the continent faces the challenges head-on, this film serves as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection on the path towards a greener and more resilient future for European electric mobility.

Watch the documentary and be part of the transformation shaping the future of transportation in Europe here.


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