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Materials for Batteries Cluster Hub Annual meeting 2023

On 16 November 2023, an Annual Cluster Workshop is scheduled to be held in a hybrid format, providing a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration among the participating projects and stakeholders. The RESPECT project will be presented by Benjamin Wilson from Aalto University in Panel discussion 2: Roles and Challenges of Industry & Market for Raw Materials.

Each year, the Cluster Hub organises an annual workshop as a satellite event within the Raw Materials Week. This workshop offers representatives from different projects an opportunity to share their preliminary results, discuss the remaining challenges common to EU initiatives, and engage with external stakeholders who have a keen interest in the issues and opportunities associated with these projects.

The purpose of this Clustering Hub is to provide a space where private companies, support organisations, experts, universities, and research institutes can identify common themes across their projects, discuss relevant topics, and explore potential synergies that can drive innovation in the field of battery materials production. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the hub aims to address challenges faced by various EU initiatives in this domain.

Check the agenda.

Cluster Hub Meeting - Agenda
Download PDF • 275KB

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