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Nordic Five Tech N5T Battery Doctoral School kick-off seminar, 23 May 2023

The Nordic Five Tech seminar brought together approximately 80 delegates from different stakeholders in battery technologies with a special emphasis on doctoral-level education and research collaboration. Discussions were focused on key issues in sustainable development, student mobility, innovations, and education.

Jyrki Alkio (Chief Specialist at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland) and Lita Kejonen (Technology Manager: Battery Metals, AFRY, Finland) as well as academic representatives from the N5T group covered a diverse range of subjects ranging from Data exchange needs for the circular economy of batteries covered by Rodrigo Serna from Aalto University, Li-ion battery aging (Göran Lindbergh, KTH), Hydrometallurgical routes for EV battery recycling, (Sulalit Bandyopadhyay, NTNU) and Atomistic and data-driven modelling of Li-ion batteries, (Chresten Træholt, DTU). The lively audience participated in discussions related to the need for reliable data sources, life cycle assessment and the impact of battery in-service use on end-of-life recyclability possibilities.

The RESPECT project was highlighted in the opening presentation as one of Aalto’s key projects within its Battery Research Portfolio. Aalto is a leader of Work Package 3 "Innovative and low environmental impact Hydrometallurgy" and aims to develop the holistic metallurgical process model.


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