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RESPECT at the Energy Sustainable Week 2024 Energy Fair

Within the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 (EUSEW), the RESPECT project took center stage at the Energy Fair, attracting significant attention from attendees. Spanning three days, the conference was filled with engaging conversations, productive discussions, and potential collaborations, the main focus was on addressing the challenges of the Green Transition. Central to these discussions was how RESPECT's innovative battery recycling technology will contribute to the advancement of the European battery ecosystem.

The partners from CLEPA, CLERENS and Vianode presented the project at the EUSEW 2024 Energy Fair. Delegates were particularly intrigued by the RESPECT project, eager to learn about its cutting-edge technology, its current progress, and the anticipated outcomes. This interest underscored the project's potential impact on sustainable energy solutions in Europe.

Among the technical questions posed were inquiries about the duration of the recycling process and the percentage of overall material recovered. Many expressed a desire to discuss these details further with the project's technical representatives. Additionally, the RESPECT project was invited to a Polish energy related event.

These interactions highlight, the broad interest and potential for collaboration that the RESPECT project has generated within the energy sector, promising further advancements and partnerships in the journey toward a sustainable energy future.


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