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After five years of The Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (#MATSUS23), the organisers decided to start the conference with The Sustainable Technology Forum Valencia, Spain (#STECH23) and to bring together research and industry to discuss how to achieve sustainability in Europe.

On occasion, the RESPECT project was presented during this side event by LOMARTOV. The partner of the project, LOMARTOV, explained the main challenges to be addressed, the goals, and the activities covered by the project.

The presentation focused on the importance of the sustainability assessment of the novel recycling routes studied by the project, particularly on the study of the Social impact of the recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRM).

The partners indicated that the project was known by a large number of attendees of the materials and sustainable science technology field, both at the research and industrial level.

LOMARTOV is exploring the economic and social sustainability assessment of the hydrometallurgical recycling process.

If you want to know more about the event, click here to proceed to the official website of the event.

LOMARTOV is an environmental engineering SME, supporting companies and innovative projects becoming more sustainable, mitigating and balancing their daily impact on our planet and resources, ensuring at the same time a safe and successful market uptake of innovative technologies, with a high impact potential for our economies and societies.


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