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Talking about the RESPECT project in school

The visit to the school in Finland

Recently Benjamin P. Wilson, our partner representative from Aalto University visited Ulvilan Lukio near Pori in Sataakunta, Western Finland to discuss materials sustainability issues. The focus of the discussion included the impact of the growing demand for raw materials due to the Green Transition and how recycling approaches investigated in the RESPECT project could be applied to manage waste batteries and production scraps.

Furthermore, the students were provided a brief insight into the important role that international collaboration between Academia, Industry and Policymakers plays when addressing Climate Change.

Discussion Topics: Sustainability was introduced and the importance of its three main components, Environmental, Economic and Social, were outlined. These key concepts were then linked to the UN Sustainability Goals and RESPECT’s contribution to some of these targets presented.

Materials Sustainability Issues: The discussion covered issues related to the sustainability of materials, likely with a focus on the materials used in the context of the Green Transition, which involves a shift to more environmentally friendly practices and technologies.

Increasing Demand for Raw Materials: The impact of the rising demand for raw materials, driven by the Green Transition, was discussed. This demand is likely associated with the production of technologies and systems that support renewable energy, energy storage, and other green technologies.

Recycling Approaches in the RESPECT Project: The discussion included information about different recycling approaches being investigated (direct and hydrometallurgical approaches) within the RESPECT project, particularly in the context of handling waste batteries and production scraps.

Role of International Collaboration: The students were given insight into the importance of international collaboration among academia, industry, and policymakers in addressing climate change. This emphasises the interconnected and global nature of sustainability challenges.

Overall, this visit appears to be a valuable opportunity to engage with students and raise awareness about the challenges and solutions related to materials sustainability, recycling, and the global efforts to combat climate change.


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